Treating unmet need in Huntington’s disease

EMERpharma (EMER) is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company that aims to target unmet medical needs with unique and innovative solutions. Consequently, the focus of EMER is on Emerging Medicines and Exploratory Research.

EMER specifically targets disorders that find their origin in the central nervous system (CNS). Its lead compound (EM902) is a Phase 2 ready asset that was acquired from Astellas Pharma. EM902 is being developed to address the crucial unmet medical need in Huntington’s disease (primary indication) and for the treatment of addiction disorders, including cocaine addiction. EMER is currently working with the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to further test the compound’s potential anti-addiction properties and effects on impulsivity.

EMER is looking to fund development to successfully bring EM902 to market. Since Huntington’s disease is an orphan indication, accelerated path to market and premium pricing are possible.

Addiction Disorders



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EMERpharma is working on a treatment strategy for addiction disorders, focusing on cocaine addiction. Currently, there is no effective treatment strategy for cocaine addiction, and preclinical data indicate that EMER’s compound reverses the behavioral effects of common drugs of abuse. EMER is working with NIDA to further substantiate this concept and is applying for breakthrough status to facilitate the regulatory path. Given the high medical need, limited clinical testing may be required prior to registration (Phase 1 clinical studies have been completed). Although cocaine addiction is the lead indication, EMER also intends to pursue other addiction disorders including methamphetamine addiction and eating disorders.    EMERpharma is working on the development of a compound that addresses the unmet medical need in Huntington's disease, a disease characterised by cognitive impairment, motor impairments and psychiatric symptoms. Cognitive impairment remains the biggest unmet need in Huntington's and EMER intends to target cognitive impairment in Huntington's disease with EM902 due to supporting preclinical and clinical data. In addition, EM902 has effects on impulsivity and psychosis, which may further benefit Huntington's patients. The number of Huntington's patients is rising due to increased awareness and enhanced diagnostic tools. Currently marketed drugs only treat motor symptoms, while other symptoms are being treated off label with little success. Thus a new treatment strategy is desperately needed to help improve patient's lives.